Template for Article Submission

Template and Guideline for Submitting a Newsletter Article

Article: Send via email separately

Submit the article via email to it@p2pbridge.org as an attachment (.doc or .docx); let the Editor in Chief know of submission via email at FeFuBal@aol.com.

Attach the subject of the email on this template.

Attach images if applicable; when images are included, please provide the appropriate credit.

Category: Choose the category

  • Editorial
  • News & Events
  • Perspectives
  • P2P Highlights
  •  Clinical Nuggets
  • Opinions
  • Spotlight
  • Other

General Guidelines for format and style for submitting formal articles Sections of the manuscript

  1. A concise title
  2. Author(s): Title (prefix), first and last name, suffix [eg. Prof Abebe Fekadu]
  3. Affiliations (where applicable) and full address (including email)
  4. Abstract (optional)
  5. Main text (may include an introduction, discussion, and conclusion)
  6. References numbered within the text in, such as….xxxxx (1), yyyy (1,2)
  7. Reference list:
    Standard Ref citation—follow standard manuals for references:
    -Journal articles— Fullas F, Wall ME, Wani MC et al. Gummiferol, a cytotoxic
    polyacetylene from the leaves of Adenia gummifera. J Nat Prod. 1995; 58: 1625-28.
    -Books— Fullas F. Interactions of Ethiopian Herbal Medicines and Spices with
    Conventional Drugs. A Practical Guide. South Sioux City: A.J. Phillips Publishing Co.;
    2006, p x.
    -Electronic sources: Author (if applicable), Title, Link and when accessed (example:
    accessed 2019 Feb 25).


Length of manuscript 3-8 pages
Font: Times New Roman 12
Double space
Text fully justified
Indent for new paragraphs